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Odeal Mobile Payment

Odeal Case Study

Ödeal, a service provider for mobile payment, has been a quite new service area for businesses in the Turkish market. We, as an agency, have developed this mobile application, which is quite new in the local market, for many communication strategies. Through online and offline channels, we have established digital communication strategies to reach medium-sized SMEs and large enterprise companies.

Strategy, Online Account Management, Offline Campaign, Video Ads


We expanded the definition by establishing the communication positioning of the brand on the Ideal Tradesmen and Ideal Business owners.

We have created many communication routes such as Ideal tradesman receiving instant payment, Ideal tradesman receiving paying out of the mobile.

The layout we created for the campaigns have been designed on attractive, stylish images and been suitable for the promotion of mobile app. People who serve many areas such as SMEs, business owners have been used in keyvisual designs. The communication channels have been expanded by creating many video ads for the introduction and download of the mobile app.

Video ads such as what Ödeal is and how to use it have been designed. On social media by having a connection with the pages that SMEs and entrepreneurs constantly follow, we have prepared cases about our innovations and how to make their sales and businesses easier. By designing interactive video communications for social media, we have had the users make the pre-application process via video advertising. Ödeal continues to work with 15.000 customers by reaching its goal through many channels.